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Alexa.com is a service from Amazon that aims to collect information about websites, and one of the things they do is rank websites based on traffic. For

example, they maintain a

Global Top 500 Websites list as well as tracking the numerical ranking of individual websites.

Thе Rub

Unfortunately, the way they do these rankings isn’t terribly scientific. Alexa provides a toolbar plugin for web browsers…once installed, it tracks the

websites you visit and reports that information back to Alexa. The issue with this is that the people that are likely to download the Alexa toolbar aren’t

representative of the “average web user”. Because Alexa is focused on topics like site rankings, web site information, search engine optimization, etc, the

people that install the toolbar tend to be webmasters and other people deeply involved in the technical side of websites such as seo experts. These people

tend to visit websites that are in that particular niche, creating a very skewed view of site rankings. Websites that draw a highly technical audience float to

the top of Alexa, websites that address a different audience sink in the ratings. Of course, for highly popular websites that get visited by everyone,

the effect isn’t as pronounced. A couple of examples of this are pretty easy to find.

This post from

bigoakinc.com does a great job of showing why their web site is “overrated” by Alexa, because it is centered around Internet Marketing topics. Since that

article was written, the skew has only gotten worse. Bigoakinc.com is currently ranked at 66,129 in Alexa while a really high traffic site, fulltiltpoker.net is

ranked at 124,852. Quantcast.com, who use a different method of measurement, have fulltiltpoker.net ranked at 15,980, with 77k+ monthly visitors.

Bigoakinc.com calculates that it gets roughly 6-7k visitors a month, or perhaps one tenth of the traffic of the poker website. Askfrank.net,

is fairly popular with around 175,000  visitors a month and our current Alexa 3 months average ranking, as of February 2013, is relatively low at 9,691.

So, why care about Alexa Ranking ?

There are some cases where Alexa ranking does matter. For example, there are some ad placement and affiliate programs that won’t accept your website unless

it’s got some minimum Alexa ranking. Additionally, there are other directories and services like reviewme.com, or payperpost.com that use Alexa rankings to

make decisions. It’s also a factor if you are trying to sell your website or domain, as most purchasers use factors like Alexa rank or Google Page Rank to

decide what your website is worth. However, for askfrank.net, none of the above really matters. We don’t use the services that depend on Alexa ranks, have no

plans to sell the website, and don’t deal with affiliates that care about things like ranking. Our honest reasons for caring boil down to a bit of pride and ego

about the ranking, and a lot of curiosity about why Alexa ranks some sites solow.

Alright, so how to increase your Alexa Ranking then?

We did quite a bit of research on this, and didn’t really find any suggestions that seemed feasible. Some of the ideas out there:

  • Installing one ofAlexa’s site widgets
    • We tried this, but it had no effect on the rating. Additionally, the widget was sometimes slow in rendering, and hence made our website slower.
    • Otherstried experiments with the widget, and got no conclusive results.
    • Also,Alexa says the widget has no effect on rankings
  • Scripts and services that try to game the system either viaredirects,automating a web browserwith the aalexa toolbar to visit your site or service that cheat the system
      • As for the “Alexa Redirects”, there wasn’t any evidence that it worked, andAlexa appears to have shut it downanyway.
      • There is some evidence that automating hits to your website will work and can get you into the 50,000 range or so. However, we do have our ethics, andaren’t going to be trying any blackhat or dubious approaches
      • Recently Tested it was a total waste of my time. Tested on one of my domains and haven’t gained any alexa rank what so ever. But hey, what could you expect from a service whichitself had 220K alexa rank. Same for the their so called “alexa traffic” is not affecting alexa rank. After sending over

        50K US traffic I can confirm its not working.

      • Also check alexa rank for the company that offers alexa rank increase, if for some reason they have nothing to show for, you got your answer. Decent oneswill show at least 80K or bellow 50K for their own website. Any company that itself has alexa rank over 100K is not going to help you. Be aware.

Long story short, we’re settling for the most obvious solution:

Writing an article that website marketing and SEO folks might care about. Yep…you guessed it. This is the article. The idea here is that a decent article

about why the usual tricks to increase Alexa rank either don’t work, or aren’t a good idea, might attract some new and different visitors. And if those visitors

were from the web marketing and SEO community, they might have the Alexa toolbar installed. Since Alexa bases it’s rankings solely on visitors with the toolbar,

the ranking should go up.

The Experiment

Starting today, the plan is to:

  1. Finish and publish this article to the website.
  2. Find a few key places to promote the article.
  3. Each week, post our current Alexa rating to the bottom of this page so we can track progress.
DATE Daily Average 1MO AVG 3 MO AVG NOTES: January,27th 2012Started new count as I was getting behind on keeping my Alexa pet-project.Will keep it simple from now on and track 1MO & 3 MO average only.New updates once a week, every Friday for the

next 10 weeks.

My goal is to get 1MO AVG bellow 100K

by then. DONE, March 30th 2012




March 30th-April 30th,2012

From 100K to 50K in 30 DAYS

DONE April 20th ( in

20 days! )Alexa Rank Tool is ready for testing, and as you can clearly

see, it is working! Head on to my

Alexa Rank Service to order your package, starting at $33 for 100K alexa

rank optimization.

1-27-2012 136,962 139,759
2-3-2012 132,646 134,807
2-10-2012 128,731 132,787
2-17-2012 129,071 133,228
3-26-2012 122,674 130,768
3-27-2012 113,080 125,865
3-28-2012 112,962 125,152
3-29-2012 105,244 122,474
3-30-2012 98,090 120,054
3-31-2012 92,714 116,916
4-01-2012 86,550 112,736
4-02-2012 81,824 109,774
4-03-2012 76,351 106,807
4-04-2012 72,793 104,127
4-05-2012 71,037 101,479
4-06-2012 34,644 70,073 99,874
4-07-2012 67,896 99,050
4-08-2012 66,748 98,875
4-09-2012 65,653 96,967
4-10-2012 62,882 94,647
4-11-2012 61,021 92,987
4-12-2012 60,409 91,691
4-13-2012 my Birthday!
4-17-2012 51,029 83,021
4-19-2012 42,128 49,596 81,469
4-20-2012 41,491 48,363 80,928
4-21-2012 40,541 47,222 79,446
4-22-2012 37,993 42,898 76,726
5-02-2012 29,451 34,833 63,391


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11 Responses to “Find out how to improve Alexa rank for your website bellow 10,000 global rank.”

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for the informatio.
    Just read this: http://www.easytraffic.biz/Increase_Alexa_Ranking.asp

    Its very easy to increase alexa rank :)

  2. Does Google use your Alexa rank as a key ranking factor? Well written article. Thanks.

  3. isabela says:

    Nice Article i wanna try on my new blog thanks

  4. Paul Brown says:

    We have studied many SEO techniques over the last couple of years and IMHO Alexa rank is one of the least important aspects. Building back links is still currently the most productive pursuit and we’ve seen new domains with Google PR rank of 0 outranking pages with high PR and Alexa scores, even when backlink checkers are not showing all the links. I think it just underpins the fact that we’re all actually just working this stuff our and no one can really claim to be an expert!

  5. Thanks for these tips.you have explained it in detail .

  6. joomla seo says:

    This tip very helpful for me. My rank over 21mis :(

  7. Thanks for your advices. I will try it later, and I hope I can get a better ALEXA Rank as soon as possible. Have a nice days… ^_^

  8. Asher Elran says:

    I’m not sure if Google is still using Alexa as a key factor for ranking. I know for sure they did, but know social signals are replacing the old method of link and traffic as the main ranking factors.

  9. Nahid says:

    Very nice article, I want to apply your alexa ranking service !

  10. Alexa Rank really matters for sites designed to generate ad revenue (Similar to TV’s Nielsen ratings & Radio’s Arbitron ratings). Other than that, it’s just another number that’s meaningless to the average site owner / visitor.

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