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Learn How to Protect Your Wordpress Blog From SQL Injections and Other Pharma Hacks in 2012

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Some call it Pay For Rank, others: Performance-based SEO – Unlike most Expert SEO Companies we don’t charge ranking fees until your website’s position actually improves. We also don’t sell you packages that don’t do squad to get your website rank higher. Yes, I am talking about those bronze, silver ,gold – 50,100,200 back links packages – as if the quantity was a major factor… what about quality? Better yet, what about the results? RESULTS – RESULTS – RESULTS – this is what you deserve to get for your hard earned money- THE RESULTS. So, next time your SEO guy gives you back link statistics in exchange for cash, do yourself a big favor and ask him how did those links help you rank better. America is still a great country-why would you want to pay for a mere promise of future results when all my customers pay only after they see improved results? Do you really like to gamble, pay upfront ranking fees and wait for months and months to find out the are no results?

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Want to know how this blog went from over 130K global alexa rank to bellow 70K ( global ) in 5
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In our modern fast paced era, auto insurance is a necessary safeguard to ensure a trouble free relationship with your vehicle, and you must do your best to get a good auto insurance quote. It is extremely important that you grasp what is being insured and what are the conditions if any which exist in the auto insurance quote. However, you must be careful not to confuse an auto extended warranty with auto insurance, since the latter is basically nothing but a vehicle service contract.

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Short Guide to Secure, Hack Free WordPress Blog 2012

This is going to be short and to the point .
I understand that for many there are parts of this tutorial that need more explanation and I will explain each step in more details later in the next wp security tutorial  that will also include htaccess security tips designed to protect your website from malicious scripts looking for vulnerabilities and exploit opportunities ,reduce number of malicious URL requests, saving resources for stuff like PHP and MySQL for all blocked requests.

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Full WordPress Security Guide, How to Protect Your Blog From SQL injections and Other Pharma Hacks in 2012